Monday, September 12, 2005


Gnolls. Many gnolls.

I have discovered a broken shard, and it has led me to Thundering Stepps (pronounced 'steeeps' according to an expert). The shard led me to a band of stupid gnolls clustered around some wierd rocks. Sneaking behind them, I found myself in a cave. Along with Zecron and Jober, invisibility is my friend.

Unsuspecting one of such cunning as mine, I ambushed the leader of this pitiful band of dogs, slaying him and taking his precious key to unlock his precious chest. Inside I found a new shard, better than the original. It's mine now.

Time passes and I find myself ready to conquer a new hole of dogs. But why conquer them myself when I can use a proxy? Yes, I was abled to casually stroll through this pit of gnolls and none dared lay a hand on me. They feared my 'companions,' people I met outside the hole who I told to take me into the depths. The gnolls must fear my manipulative skills, and well they should.

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