Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Orcs. Lots of orcs.

I have arrived outside Freeport. I am a Killer of Orcs.

The Qeynos liars who said they'd take me to Freeport betrayed me into the hands of the Queen! The penalty in Qeynos for even thinking of taking a boat to Freeport is death, and the Queen is too weak to execute the guilty party herself.

I'll take banished for life over that city though, with it's holier than thou breed of my kind, and it's insanely lazy barbarians. People who cheat you for rewards, expect you to run all over the map for a minor amount of coppers. Bastards, all of them, except Matsy who's a good cook, and they're all going to pay.

First though, I've got to gain entry to Freeport. More orcs on the menu.

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