Tuesday, August 16, 2005



Spent some time killing rats and snakes. And sparrows. Wouldn't want rats and snakes to infest the great city of Qeynos, would we? And no bird poop either. I'm doing a great service here.

Found a brass key that some rat had been carrying around. Turns out that it's for the door in the basement of the lighthouse. The mage types tell me that I'm 'level 9' and let me tell you, the folk in the basement of the lighthouse looked like some rough folk, and they didn't appear to like me at all. This frog isn't sticking around for that, no way.

The Qeynos mage guy had said that after I advance far enough I'd be able to summon something. The guy came across as something of a nit, didn't say what. But as I found out after killing yet another moat rat, it's to be a beatle. Not the singing kind thankfully, but the kind that will fetch me a beer or mindlessly attack something I don't want to get terribly close to. Sweet.

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