Monday, September 12, 2005


Gnolls. Many gnolls.

I have discovered a broken shard, and it has led me to Thundering Stepps (pronounced 'steeeps' according to an expert). The shard led me to a band of stupid gnolls clustered around some wierd rocks. Sneaking behind them, I found myself in a cave. Along with Zecron and Jober, invisibility is my friend.

Unsuspecting one of such cunning as mine, I ambushed the leader of this pitiful band of dogs, slaying him and taking his precious key to unlock his precious chest. Inside I found a new shard, better than the original. It's mine now.

Time passes and I find myself ready to conquer a new hole of dogs. But why conquer them myself when I can use a proxy? Yes, I was abled to casually stroll through this pit of gnolls and none dared lay a hand on me. They feared my 'companions,' people I met outside the hole who I told to take me into the depths. The gnolls must fear my manipulative skills, and well they should.

Sunday, September 11, 2005



My training is complete. Or just begun. The filth in Fallen Gate has served me well.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Changes In The Wind

Something is coming, and I don't know what. I must become stronger to face it? Where is Zecron?

My journey has brought me to Fallen Gate. What a hole. I'll endevor to clear the vermin from the entranceway. Didn't Dark Elves live here long ago? I'll have to ask Zecron about that. I can see why they left.

Friday, September 09, 2005



I return to Qeynos, city full of slacker barbarians that it is, to get out of my damned appartment lease. Beuracracy runs Qeynos, not the Queen.

The journey to Antonica is trivial for one such as I. I have truely progressed since I was betrayed by they Qeynos scum. Perhaps I shall pay them a visit, share an ale to show no harm done, then slay them like the scum they are. Bastards, they'll never see Gebektik coming.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


It Is Done

I have done as Matthias asked, and learned something of myself in the process. Perhaps I have even met Lucan himself...

Lucan has shown me that I must apprentice myself to Zecron, and learn all that he knows. So it shall be.

The slumlords of Freeport refuse to rent me an appartment! They claim that I still own my old one in Qeynos, but this cannot be. Qeynos has cast me out, yet they still charge me rent? I'm glad to have left that pathetic land of lollipops and rainbows. I shall endevor to re-enter Qeynos, relinquish my appartment there, slaughter the landlord, and steal his booze.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Random Trust? No!

As I slay these vile orcs out side the gates of Freeport, random folk keep asking me to group with them. I don't know these people, how can I trust them? I don't try anyone except myself, Gebarer, and Zecron. These fools could be trying to rob me.



Venn seems to be constantly slacking off these days. I'll be getting whaled on, and he'll just sit there. I have to command him to get into the mix! He should just do it, like a good beer fetching insect.

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